[Release] 1996 Prevue Web Content

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[Release] 1996 Prevue Web Content

Post by AriX »

I recently found an archive of web content from 1996, including Prevue and several related properties! It's from around April of 1996.

Here's what's included: The markup is original, though I edited it slightly to make the images and links work. If a link is a dead end, that means I don't have that part.

(You may note that we previously found an archived copy of Prevue.com, from around August 1996.)
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Re: [Release] 1996 Prevue Web Content

Post by Matthew Joseph »

AriX you did a great job on archiving these websites on your own webspace. Now people can access these flashback websites without the use of the Wayback.

(P.S. Now there is REALLY a Prevue channel in Tahiti and in the Netherlands (with Sneak too!).
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