Swift Project for Prevue Emulation

Discuss the reverse engineering and emulation (as opposed to simulation) of any sort of Prevue hardware, including Atari-based and Amiga-based EPG channels and the Amiga-based Prevue/TV Guide channels.
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Swift Project for Prevue Emulation

Post by AriX » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:04 am

Hey all,

I got my Sneak Prevue Amiga up-and-running recently and it piqued my curiosity to spend more time playing with Prevue stuff.

I decided to write some new code to generate a UVSG satellite data feed, and publish it open-source. Over time, it should encapsulate the Atari & Amiga reverse engineering that folks on here have done (and that I'm continuing to spend some time on). I hope it can serve as a helpful tool or useful reference to folks who are working on Prevue projects here!

The project is in Swift - which I know probably isn't the most accessible language for those on here who don’t have Macs and Xcode, but I've been itching to do a project in Swift and it should be doable to get it up-and-running on Linux (and Windows, via the Windows Subsystem for Linux). I hope to get it running on those platforms, and will share a how-to!

Check it out here, and let me know if you have any questions. Contributions are welcome. https://github.com/AriX/PrevuePackage

So far, I've implemented structures for the clock (mode K) and configuration (mode F) commands. If you're interested in those data structures, it's worth taking a look at these, as I've added a bunch of notes based on tin and my reverse engineering work!

https://github.com/AriX/PrevuePackage/b ... mand.swift
https://github.com/AriX/PrevuePackage/b ... mand.swift

I've also included a variety of the older (and very messy) code I wrote for generating the feed back in 2011/2012: https://github.com/AriX/PrevuePackage/t ... /Reference

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Re: Swift Project for Prevue Emulation

Post by LocalH » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:20 am

I'm interested in this, honestly. I'd love to eventually rig this up to feed listings to an emulated Amiga (or at the very least generate a curday.txt). Gonna have to bone up on what y'all figured out in the last few years

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